HVAC Maintenance Tips for the New Year

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With the New Year, we each take pause to consider the year that has ended and the year that has just arrived. For homeowners, this is a chance to take better care of your heating and cooling systems, which are some of your home’s biggest energy drains. By maintaining your HVAC system, you will gain increased home comfort, better indoor air quality, and energy and cost savings.

Tidy Up
Get rid of any dirt, leaves, or grass clippings that have accumulated around your outdoor heating and cooling units since you last cleaned around them. Remove any obstructions that could prevent the flow of air around them and in your systems.

Clean & Maintain
First, make a schedule for checking and replacing your filters, usually every 2 to 3 months. This will vary among different filter types, but regularly changing your filters will maintain the system and ensure optimal performance.

Inspect & Replace
Once the cleaning has been done, take a close look at your control box and any writing, connections, or controls. Repair as needed.

Seal Leaks
Look for any leaky, damaged, or un-insulated ductwork. Repair accordingly, specifically using duct tape or spray foam insulation for those leaky ducts.

Purchase a programmable thermostat for your home, which will save energy and money by giving you greater control over your home’s temperature. Installation is relatively easy and simple, as the wiring is the same as for regular thermostats.

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